Preferred Employers Program

Every month, an average of 45 PACE clients are successfully employed.

Each person we send to our Preferred Employers has completed our Pre-Employment Program. After understanding and analyzing your needs, we select the candidate that best fits those needs.

Pre-Employment Client Services:

  • Pre-referral job interview- Each candidate is taken through a functional interview process assuring skills have been identified and aligned with preferred employer job requirements (punctuality, attendance, appropriate dress, interview conduct, workplace language and skill assessment, discussing previous work history and employers)
  • Establishing transportation modes for employee reliability (all clients will have a primary and secondary means for their transportation to and from work)
  • Assisting with required clothing needed for the position within the company (work boots, shirts, pants, outerwear, gloves, protective eyewear)
  • Support for clients in managing and prioritizing work/home life balance enhancing better attendance, job performance, job retention, and high production outcomes (through follow up calls, on-site visits and ongoing assistance from our case managers)
  • Our clients also receive job training in various fields that result in an industry-recognized credential.

Preferred Employers receive FREE support that includes:

  • Comprehensive screening for Job Matching
  • Preparation and filing of FREE
  • Fidelity Bond up to $25,000 on behalf of client for Employer Coverage
  • Free Indiana Criminal History
  • Background Check
  • Reference Checks
  • Job Skills Evaluation
  • Follow Up: Employee interventions for performance issues and job retention support
  • Advertising and marketing savings